Respecting…Others (Part 2)


In a re-creation painting of Point Sur Light  (24″ x 18″ acrylic on stretched canvas) Frank honors the way the Point Sur Lightstation would have looked over 100 years ago when a first-order Fresnel lens guided the ships at sea. Today, a much less glamorous electric beacon guides the way. The original beacon is housed in the Maritime Museum of Monterey.  The 580 glass prisms of the historic Fresnel lens from the Point Sur Lightstation illustrate just one of the regular chores of the Light Keepers, as they needed to keep them polished and cleaned of the salt air, to effectively shine the burning beacon of light 20 miles out to sea.

In the painting Frank puts Del, the docent featured in yesterday’s post, out enjoying the light of day and the swooping sea birds frolicking above the surf.

These times of solitary reflection and enjoyment of the surroundings were really quite rare. If you are interested in the amazing details of the Light Keeper’s job requirements, check this out:  The language in use is quite entertaining…enjoy and perhaps gain some extra respect for the work these technicians performed throughout their days and nights.

Blessings and respect to all who serve and protect.

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