Gracy’s Lagoon

Frank thinks back, “Decades ago, I hiked down into the Feather River Canyon with my daughter Gracy to explore a hidden treasure I had discovered off the beaten path. You could hear it before you saw it…a thirty foot waterfall, flowing into a beautiful lagoon. Not too long after that visit, I began to do a painting of this magical place. Over the years, I’ve found opportunities to do a bit more work on the picture, including a couple of parrots known to travel the canyon…escapees from pet owners.
Today, it looks like I’ve got the finishing touches in place. And in honor of Gracy’s birthday today, here is the 48″W x 36″H acrylic on canvas…
Gracy’s Lagoon”:

Gracy’s Lagoon

Oh…yes, Happy Birthday Gracy!
From Dad, Mary and Ziggy

One thought on “Gracy’s Lagoon”

  1. This painting always puts me back in my childhood. Exploring the outdoors with my Dad. So many wonderful memories.

    My first camping trip with my dad, the story he told me about the BEAR that came into the campsite while I slept (My Dad can tell a great story). “WINK”
    Those moments when he and I would get up early and sit by the lake in Paradise to fish. It didn’t mater if we caught anything, just spending that one on one time with my Dad always meant and means the world to me.

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