It is great to see the gregarious flock come flying in. They are usually in a group of 6 or 8, playing with and feeding each other. During this visit they descended onto the maple trees to enjoy the whirligig seeds. (1:19)


Hope…Standing for Nature in the Art and Zen Sanctuary (1:24)

A squirrel… stands then and there for nature.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hummingbird Alert:

If the temperature outside is freezing the liquid inside your hummingbird feeder, please buy a second feeder. Have it inside ready to change out with the frozen one in the morning.

Frozen Hummingbird Feeder in the Art and Zen Sanctuary Video (2:15):


Below is a (1:23) video of a hummingbird in the Art and Zen Sanctuary…enjoy!


A Poem by Howard Nemerov…“Trees” narrated by Frank Kliewer (2:03)


Relax…and breathe in Stream (1:09):


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