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(Note from Frank Kliewer: The following article summarizes the angst that many nonprofits are going through over the use of social media. Sarah Todd points out that while success is spotty, it is time to get over the waiting game, social networking is here to stay so you might as well jump in and learn the ropes. I do believe that organizations need to develop their own brand of social communication to keep their network engaged with them and not allow their valuable base to waste time on the larger sites seeking a meaningful conversation.)

How well are nonprofits socially networking

Posted: January 7, 2012 – 12:14am

By buy dapoxetine singapore

The benefit of using social media to promote your nonprofit is taken as a given today by most of us. Many nonprofits are in their sixth or seventh year of using social media to promote themselves and engage with communities. More than 85 percent of nonprofits are experimenting with social media (Neal Shaffer, WindMill Networking).

Late or non-adopters are still unsure whether social networking is a fad and whether the current tools will change on them, wasting precious time and resources.

In the Nonprofit Quarterly, Christine Durand and Kristen Cici acknowledge that while the tools may and will change, social media is here to stay as an important public relations and engagement tool.

Their advice is that nonprofits should invest in the concept of being social organizations rather than becoming stuck on a single tool.

Some of us are still unclear on exactly why the social network is so important.

Bottom line, it’s the online version of word-of-mouth advertising. And that’s not the same as self-promotion. It’s getting other people talking about and engaged in your organization. Then you can reach out more personally, engaging donors, volunteers and more.

Many nonprofits doing social networking are missing opportunities and making beginners’ mistakes.

A few of the most common, from a useful list provided by Fundraising Success magazine, are failing to post social networking icons on your web site so people can easily get to your social networking links and too much self-promotion instead of real engagement through conversation.

A third major failure is not blogging because this is what brings fresh content to your site on a daily basis, and that fresh content helps in many ways.

Most of us are intimidated by the idea of blogging or put off by the many inane blogs we encounter. We’re fearful it will become a deep sinkhole of time with little to show for it. If not done well, that could be right. But that excuse has lost its potency because there’s so much wisdom available online on how to blog well.

In a fall 2011 Huffington Post article, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark revealed the results of a survey his team undertook to discover the social networking results of the top 50 highest earning nonprofits.

Metrics such as the number of Tweets over the two-month survey period and the number of Facebook fans and posts and comments received during the period were used to define effective. The survey results are available at Huff Post Impact online.

The Craigslist team found top earning nonprofits do not necessarily have either the best visibility or the most meaningful activity in the social media arena. Though 92 percent of the 50 nonprofits on the highest earnings list use social media, some of the most social-media-savvy organizations were the lowest among the top fifty.

In our own community, where the average income for nonprofits is much lower than these top fifty, how can smaller nonprofits — short on time and people — effectively use social networking?

Begin with just one or two social networking sites, like FaceBook and Twitter. There are now a number of highly useful and not overly technical books on how to get set up with each of the major social networking tools.

After reading, create a plan before you jump in. Decide who will work on it and how much daily time they can afford to spend. If you are on more than one site, link them so you can more efficiently get news out.

This technique does not allow you to customize your responses to these two audiences, so just do it while you’re getting settled into a routine with your social networking and analyze how effective it is for you.

Finally, you can do fine as a beginner with one post a day or even a few times a week. What’s important is not to be inconsistent about how often you post and to respond to posts in a timely manner to help retain your followers.

With all the great information resources available on social networking, I think 2012 will be a year when many adopters get much better at it and most of the rest of us finally jump into the pool. If we always keep in mind that our purpose is to create meaningful, engaged conversation, we can’t go too far wrong.

Sarah Todd is director of development for Girls on the Run of Coastal Georgia and the founder of Change Pioneers. Sarah can be reached at 912-224-2120 or where to buy dapoxetine in india.

Link to original article:

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Former Mariner’s charity helps families coping with disabilities 


Posted on January 5, 2012 at 6:07 PM

In many of our Making a Difference stories, we tell you about little-known heroes in the community. But this story in about someone you probably already know, former Seattle Mariner John Olerud.

He was an All-Star at the top of his game in 2000. Money, fame, and adored by his hometown fans. Olerud had it all, but that same summer he and his family were hit with a devastating disorder.

John’s daughter Jordan was born with an incredibly rare chromosome disorder leaving her unable to walk on her own, or even speak.

“It was definitely an eye opener that things don’t always go the way you’ve planned,” he said.

The Lundquist family knows that same heartache of broken plans. Their son Koby suffered a severe asthma attack in 2010, and a lack of oxygen left him permanently brain damaged.

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Woodinville's Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Ranch

While their struggles are similar, there is one glaring difference — the Oleruds have the means to put their daughter through special therapies, like those offered at online purchase of dapoxetine, helping Jordan make great advances.

The Lundquists couldn’t even properly bathe their boy because he was too big to lift in and out of the tub, and they couldn’t afford the $2,500 for a special shower. Even worse, both parents lost their jobs within 6 months of the asthma accident.

“There are some days it just bowls me over,” said Saroeun Lundquist, Koby’s mother. “If I dwell on it, it just chews me up.”

It’s that sort of inequality that inspired the Oleruds to do what they figured their daughter would want them to. They established buy dapoxetine uk, to help families with special needs children meet those needs.

“The help that we need just caring for her, feeding her, all the therapies — it’s just the realization that, wow, this is really tough,” said Olerud.

So, with the help of the Jordan Fund, the Lundquists got their new shower. Olerud says this isn’t about him as much as it is kids like Koby and Jordan who inspire others to make a difference through their quiet daily courage.

buy dapoxetine uk has donated more than $1 million to 130 special needs families and organizations.

Update: Dan Lundquist found a new job since Koby’s brain injury and the family’s financial situation has stabilized.

Do you know someone who’s making a difference in your community? We’d like to hear your stories about people going above and beyond to help others.

Original Story:

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Woodinville’s Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Ranch is a wonderful organization to support — Frank KIiewer

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A fund for donations has been established for the family of Ranger Margaret Anderson

Posted by buy dapoxetine review on January 4, 2012 at 1:29 PM

The News Tribune in Tacoma has posted an item giving details on how to where to buy dapoxetine in the philippines that’s been set up for the family of National Park Service Ranger Margaret Anderson who was slain Sunday in Mount Rainier National Park.

Here’s their post:

An account in Anderson’s name has been established at KeyBank.

  • To make donations by mail, send them to KeyBank: Margaret Anderson Donation Account, P.O. Box 159, Eatonville, WA 98328. Make checks payable to Margaret Anderson Donation Account.
  • To make a donation electronically, contact your bank and asked to have the money sent to the address above.
  • Donations can be made in person at any KeyBank branch nationwide.
  • KeyBank cannot process donations over the phone.
  • Donations in lieu of flowers have been requested from those wishing to express their support of Margaret Anderson’s family, Mount Rainier National Park spokesman Kevin Bacher said Tuesday night.

Anderson is survived by her husband, Eric, and 3- and 1-year-old daughters.


Please feel compassion for the surviving family members who will grieve this senseless tragedy for the rest of their lives. —  Frank Kliewer

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Strong Words of Wisdom

As we think about how we are going to improve our life experience this year, simple, yet strong wisdom has the best chance of sticking and making the needed impact.

So, I worked up a poster for above my computer that combined a simple quote with a public domain photo of the person being quoted, Albert Einstein. He is noted for many memorable bits of wisdom, but this one seems to have particular value now, as we all grapple with the mess around us, and try figure out how to do better in the future. Here is my new poster and the quote:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

These few words offer the notion that a radical change is needed if we are indeed going to truly move past our current problems. This is not to say we won’t find other problems to replace them, but sometimes a change of scenery does us a world of good.

Here’s wishing you the courage and strength to think differently,

Frank Kliewer


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Moment by Moment Intuition Vs. Goal Setting, Which is More Important?

Some say that you need goals to push you to achieve greater accomplishment than could otherwise be realized. I think it is more important to feel intuitively what the right thing to do might be at a given moment, and maintain an openness to respond appropriately.

I realize it may be a little scary, or seem unprofessional, or even seem lazy to some to depend on the faith that if you do the right thing, good things will happen. But, it isn’t even about that. Perhaps it is more about just doing the right thing because it is the right thing, with no ulterior motive to get something back.

Perhaps it could just be about being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right people is enough in itself, without a set in stone goal for what it should accomplish. Out of all that rightness, you might achieve a result that you could never imagine or carry out by setting up an otherwise artificial goal, and then working backwards to the numbers you must do each day to finish the goal.

It seems to me to be particularly out of balance to sign up for another person’s goals in particular. Isn’t life about being in harmony with who you are, and not trying to force yourself into a mold that is uncomfortable at best?

can i buy dapoxetine over the counterAs doing the right thing becomes natural, you can begin to trust your intuition.







You can automatically go from A to B and keep going, never stopping. You can connect with like-minded people or help others searching for the help you might give. Or, just be a bit provocative to get people thinking out of their box long enough to either reinforce their best thinking or begin to try a new path.

Life happens. The question is . . . are we flexible enough to shift into the right action to immediately maximize our traction and move us forward toward the necessities and joys of life?

Blessings to all,

Frank Kliewer

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From Channel 9 News site, Chattanooga TN:

December 27, 2011 4:56 PM

by John Madewell

Compassion has poured out for a Reliance, Tn. family that lost everything in a Christmas morning fire.

This afternoon, a stranger showed unique kindness to Justin Taylor and his family. Larry Eustice continues to “pay it forward” from a personal tragedy he suffered 46 years ago; a house fire that wiped him, his wife and two children out.

Eustice drove 90 miles one way to make an incredible donation to Justin Taylor. Eustice, a retired veteran, got out of his truck and walked with the assistance of a cane to meet Taylor.

The personable man made the introduction and set the mood. He extended his hand to the 30-year-old Taylor and said, “The reason this is is because I’ve been where you’re at.”

In 1965, a fire took everything Eustice owned. He and his family had no insurance and he had been out of work for a year.

That’s the only difference; the Taylor’s had insurance, but still lost everything in this Christmas morning fire. The Taylor’s built this house from the ground up and watched it burn back to its foundation.

That touched Eustice’s heart. While standing underneath a slight rainfall, Eustice reached into his pocket and pulled out 10 crisp $100 bills. “I felt your pain. Here’s you a $1,000 and you can just do what I know it will help.”

Taylor started tearing up and reached out to hug the man he just met. “I’m putting back every little bit I can.” Eustice finished the exchange, “There you can have it.” Taylor responded, “I really thank you, I really do.”

An immediate bond formed. Eustice not only lived the loss of fire, but also felt the warmth of a stranger’s compassion way back in 1965. “He didn’t bring me used stuff, and that has stuck with me all of my life.”

Eustice met the rest of the family; Taylor’s wife Candace, 9-year-old son Colby and two daughters, 4-year old Kinsley and 3-year-old Kali. All of them are living in Taylor’s parent’s house. It’s overflowing with donated clothes and toys.

And today’s visit will never leave him. “You know he broke my heart, to get out of that truck with that walking stick and want to come 90 miles to give a $1,000, it meant a lot.”

Before Eustice left, an idea popped into Taylor’s mind. His father, Roy Taylor, carves walking sticks in his spare time. Justin Taylor nodded to his father to finish one for the retired veteran with a huge heart. Taylor got Eustice’s information and a custom walking stick will soon come his way. And Taylor told Eustice once he got back on his feet, he would follow Eustice’s example.

And the compassion didn’t stop there. Bill Lehmkuhl, of Chattanooga, saw this story and felt compelled to start an account to help the family. It’s called the “Family of Justin and Candace Taylor” account, available at any Regions Bank in the area.

The Taylor family has also opened an account named “Jennifer Taylor FBO Justin Taylor” at First Volunteer Banks.

Copyright © 2011 Freedom Communications



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Detailed awareness of world conditions is needed now more than ever. And from this awareness, the needed compassionate action should flow.

Let us all thank God for the gift of life by giving of ourselves to aid other people around the world who desperately need the help each of us is capable of providing.

best place to buy dapoxetine onlineFor instance, here is a picture of Frank’s brother Bill Kliewer in Ethiopia gathering a sense of what help was needed by many in desperate conditions. He then gave his life’s energy to create programs that would sustain the needed flow of assistance.

How many of us are willing to go and see the need and then create programs like Bill has to help those dying from a lack of basic essentials?

Showing compassion brings a person great joy.

Visit Bill’s Book and Blog Site: where can i buy dapoxetine in uk


Thank you very much for stopping by here,

Frank Kliewer

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