Frank Assists the Chinese Community Reach Their Development Goals

As Frank begins again to build a development team geared to the unique needs of the Chinese community, let’s look at an example of how he can make a big difference in meeting the goals of others.

Frank was greatly honored when hired as a consultant to assist in the property purchase, development and construction of a new U.S. headquarters for a Chinese organization coming to Seattle.

Through Frank’s experience in managing the work of government agencies, contractors, architects, and engineers, he saved the organization well over a million dollars and eliminated at least a year of development work and construction time to complete the project. The highlights of his project consulting work included:

  • Searching for and locating documents in the City of Seattle government microfilm archives that resulted in a very significant price reduction of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the purchase price, by discovering important misrepresentations of the property.
  • Working with the top Planning and Building officials at the City of Seattle to gain important regulatory concessions that provided additional development advantages, and again saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by reducing code requirements which eliminated construction elements and months of development time.
  • Directing the work of architects, engineers and contractors as well as on site government building inspectors to gain additional regulatory considerations in the field, again saving time and money during the construction process by avoiding costly design and plan reviews through streamlining approval processes.

Frank’s aggressively successful consulting management style was praised by the new owners, as he greatly exceeded their expectations and goals.

Once again it was Frank’s great joy to meet his personal goal of bringing in projects under budget, ahead of schedule, and with more features than originally expected.

It is now Frank’s continued honor to work with a new team of professional and ethical associates in building the next series of development concepts, within culturally sensitive community living environments.

Please contact Frank to find out how he can assist you in fulfilling your dreams and goals.

Anytime cell: (206) 794-9900

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